Friday, March 20, 2009

Online Money Opportunities

Making money online today is no longer just about owning a website and selling products that others want to buy. With hundreds of millions of websites that are crowding out on the web today, you would wonder how online businesses are still able to make money. In truth, any online business (or even non-profit sites) is anxious of seeing a steady and good stream of visitors. Many are even willing of paying out to get the edge in the competition for attention. Now, this is how online money-making opportunities are created, and where you can come in.

Yes, you might say that this is all BS, that 'those online money-making opportunities are merely scams', 'and that they would cheat you of your money'. If you are hell-bent on thinking that way and desire nothing short of an explanation to your possible misconception, then you might as well press the Alt+F4, since I'm here to save you some time, and some opportunities too. If you desire to open your mind to some new ideas, read on.

Of the common misconceptions and obstacle to getting that click of a button in order to make some cash online is the fear of being cheated. And rightfully so. The internet is, after all, a mere extension of human society. So inevitably, the good and the bad of IRL are brought in here too. That is why it is necessary that you understand the difference between legitimate businesses offering real opportunities for wealth and scams offering a ticket to poverty.

To avoid getting yourself scammed and living with a cynical view of the internet (and opportunities) for the rest of your life, you would first need to know the workings of the business that is offering you this opportunity. Most legitimate businesses offers you a reward for helping them:

  1. Connecting sellers to buyers
  2. Connecting an employer with a prospective employee
  3. Increasing viewership/user base of their website
In (1), there are many ways where you can come in. You may be asked to directly find buyers willing to invest in a product that a company is advertising. You may come in by allowing advertisers a space to advertise their products, or simply through promoting their brand to your audiences through different platforms and media.

In (2), you are usually required to find someone and get him/her to apply for a job that is being auctioned online. Of course, getting a friend with a matching criteria according to what the employer wanted is often part of your job too.

(3), is probably the most hyped-up type of online money making opportunity, since well, its probably the easiest. Easiest to do and easiest to understand. Most commonly, sites that wanted to increase their user-base are social networking sites. Since they depend on advertising to generate revenues, a larger user-base would translate to a larger revenue. So, they are willing to share some of these revenues by getting users to get more users. How do they do this? Referrals, of course. The referral system would help these companies track down new users and who got them to use their websites. As part of this referral system, you would get paid by getting others to use their websites and you earn residual income from people you refer and the people they refer. The depth (how many referrals of your indirect referrals you are earning from) would depend on individual corporate policies. To make it easier, I should say that it pretty much resemble Multilevel Marketing IRL minus the payment, since the revenue comes from advertisers and not the users (at least not directly).

Of course, other methods exist, but those are part of another story. Do check around! Roni.